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Locating Heirs, Trusts, & Beneficiaries

Locating Heirs For over 22 years, People Locator Service has provided professional people locate services for attorneys, fiduciaries, public and private corporations, banks, and other financial institutions throughout the United States to find heirs of estates, trust...

Finding People is our Specialty!

Finding People is a Rewarding Job The Most Trusted People Locator since 1996 - with a 96% success rate! That’s right, we find 96% of the people we are asked to locate and it is one of the most rewarding services we provide.  Our proven methods for finding...

Private Investigator Portland

Private Investigator Portland At People Locator Service, we know that "No One Disappears Into Thin Air. We Look There First.!"® With our 20 years experience in private investigation, finding people in the most challenging cases, we succeed because we know how to look...

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