We wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the oversized trench coat.We also comb our hair. And we gave up smoking cigars decades ago.

But otherwise, we see a lot of ourselves in Columbo, the T.V. detective. The show was on from 1971-1978 and 1989-2003.A similarity we share with Columbo is that we know who we are looking for.Unlike the typical “whodunit” shows, Columbo has a good idea who did it. His job is to find the evidence to prove it.

At People Locator Service, our task is to find information that leads us to a specific person. The people we find are much happier than the people Columbo catches. We are usually searching for beneficiaries – people who have money or property coming to them that they are not aware of. It could be a pension, or an inheritance. We work for companies, banks , fiduciaries, and lawyers.

But it’s the same sort of quest.We talk to people. We ask questions. We also know when we are getting close. Like Columbo, when we have a hunch…we say,”Just one more thing…” Our formula works. In 25 years of looking for people, we have a 96% success record. No one has a 100% record, by the way. We’re pretty sure even Columbo wouldn’t find those 4%.

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