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[People] Locator is EVERYTHING they claim to be. Every time I could not find a Defendant in a case, I turn to [People] Locator, and they find the person. They are great and fairly priced. Use them without hesitation.

9/4/2015 | 503 598-3500

Randall J. Wolfe, PC

Personal Injury Attorney

Our company, FJ Management, Inc., administers numerous Retirement Benefit Plans for itself and its subsidiaries. [People] Locator Service, LLC has been instrumental and invaluable. The rapidity and accuracy has been truly impressive, particularly in light of the previous extensive unsuccessful efforts made prior to her involvement. [People] Locator Service, LLC’s results are a cut-above, and we appreciate Ms. Symonds’s assistance and success in supporting our Retirement Benefit Plan administration.

Paul Dansie, PHR, SHRM-CP, MAOM

Director of HR Operations

Ticia is the best private investigator I have every worked with in my 21 years as a corporate trust officer. She is enjoyable to work with and she finds what I ask her to find. Heirs are difficult to find, yet Ticia takes on all challenges given her AND is successful! Boy are the heirs of estates and trusts excited when we locate them and can deliver a bundle of money or assets to them. Everyone is happy!!!!

Wendy Gregory, CTFA

Fiduciary Advisory Specialist, Wells Fargo

I have had the privilege of retaining T.L. Symonds/[People] Locator Service, L.L.C. a number of times over the past 15 years. On every occasion, I found her work to be very prompt, and extraordinarily professional. The facts that she uncovered for us were exactly what we needed and she presented them clearly. It was important to us that the activities and investigation be extremely confidential. That requirement was fully met. For investigative services, I cannot think of any firm which I would rank as high as T.L. Symonds/[People] Locator Service, L.L.C.

12/16/2015 | 503 227-6226

Mark W. Eves, PC

As a beneficiary of the work that [People] Locator Service did for a bank trustee, I would like to recommend Ticia Symonds owner of [People] Locator Service.

Our story started when my younger cousin received a call from Ticia and the cousin felt it was a scam. However, she passed the information on to me as the oldest family cousin. I like to do research and proceeded to confirm Ticia’s credentials. After that I called Ticia Symonds and assisted her with our family information as much as I could.

My working with Ticia confirmed my initial research. She was both professional and thorough. Finally with Ticia’s report to the bank trustee my cousins and I each received the inheritance from our uncle’s estate. Trust [People] Locator Service, they find people for trust accounts.

Nancy Henry

After searching on and off for 15 years for an old friend, I finally decided to spend the money and hire someone to help me. (Something I should have done 14 years ago) My friend has a very common name which made it extremely hard for me to locate him through the usual methods i.e. Facebook and white pages.

I am very happy to say that People Locator found him the first day! Some background: I have spent countless hours searching for this guy, had I known they would find him that fast, cheaply and painlessly. I would have done this years ago. If I had to guess, I would say I have spent well over 50 hours and lots of wasted time looking for him.

I am also asking them to locate a half-brother I have never met. I took the time and spent a little money to do this because I didn’t want to keep wondering about it and I am looking forward to tracking down other old friends.

This probably sounds like an infomercial but I am glad I finally did something about it so I could put things to rest. Message me on Facebook if you want more details.

Andre Hage

Sherwood, OR

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