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We have accounts for a variety of clients in a number of industries. Our expertise in locating people throughout the United States is time-tested and has made us a leading agency known for top quality findings. People Locator Service utilizes comprehensive up to date resources, the latest innovations in the industry, and its highly trained team to deliver the best results. Please note our services are for organizations, not individuals.

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Finding people can be challenging especially when limited information is known or when a person does not want to be found. Laws can protect the privacy of individuals and can create roadblocks. Information from publically available databases is usually very limited, outdated and rarely results in successful searches. For these reasons, it is best to use an experienced People Locator when trying to locate or find people.

People Locator Service can conduct a timely investigation to find as much information as possible regarding the location of a person. We have access to special databases not available to the public and other resources that can help us find the best information. We verify our findings personally.

Note: The locate investigations described above are for traditional locates of adults. They are not designed to locate missing children, birth parents of adopted individuals or will and probate beneficiaries. For information on fees for those services, please contact our office.

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With our 27 years experience in finding people in the most challenging cases, we succeed because we know how to look at it from every angle to find what others miss. There are plenty of situations which call for deep investigation to gather knowledge, background investigations, locating people- retired, former- deceased employees or their beneficiaries entitled to employer benefit plans, trust and estate heirs and in these instances, it is best to hire a skilled Private Investigator. When the scope of the situation exceeds one’s available time, resources, and expertise, a team like People Locator Service has the skills, knowledge, and experience to gain the information their clients need.

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When you start to gather facts, you often find puzzling information or roadblocks. Being involved in the situation can make it difficult to stay objective. You may reach out to friends or family for advice, which may lead to additional questions. As experienced Portland Private Investigator, we are able to remain objective and know how to navigate the pitfalls of investigation. We go beyond public databases or general internet searches, utilizing specialized tools and tapping legally into secure, non-public sources and resources with our licenses. We are able to reach out to our networks across the country to pull hard files and pertinent information.


We are professionally licensed and have an extensive background in investigation experience. When searching for the correct  Investigator for your needs, make sure the agency can answer all of your questions thoroughly. People Locator Service has the experience and knowledge to answer those questions.


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To initiate a search for a person using our service, please complete as much of our Request Search Form online as possible and then click the Submit button. The information submitted in our form will be treated confidentially and used only to locate the individual, entity, or subject of the request. If specific fees are not listed below, please contact our office for pricing information.

People Search: Location of Individual

People Locator Service is the No. 1 People Locator Portland and Nationwide since 1996 with a 96% Success Rate!

  • Location of an Individual: $150.00*
  • Verification of an Individual’s Address: $75.00
  • Heirs Searches: $100.00 an hour plus costs. Please email all heir requests to info@peoplelocatorservice.com*

We locate: Retired, former, or deceased employees or beneficiaries of pension, profit-sharing, retirement, and health plans of public and private employers; trust and estate heirs.

*Location of people only in the U.S.

People Locator Service is the #1 Locator of Persons

  • Somos fluidos en español. (We are fluent in Spanish.)
  • Oregon Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • Oregon Certified Emerging Small Business (ESB)
  • SBA Business
  • An approved US Federal Contractor


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[People] Locator is EVERYTHING they claim to be. Every time I could not find a Defendant in a case, I turn to [People] Locator, and they find the person. They are great and fairly priced. Use them without hesitation.

9/4/2015 | 503 598-3500

Randall J. Wolfe, PC

Personal Injury Attorney

Ticia is the best private investigator I have every worked with in my 21 years as a corporate trust officer. She is enjoyable to work with and she finds what I ask her to find. Heirs are difficult to find, yet Ticia takes on all challenges given her AND is successful! Boy are the heirs of estates and trusts excited when we locate them and can deliver a bundle of money or assets to them. Everyone is happy!!!!

Wendy Gregory, CTFA

Fiduciary Advisory Specialist, Wells Fargo

Fees subject to change without notice, are due upon receipt of invoice, and exclude trial and expert witness work. Pre-printed terms and conditions on the then current request form of People Locator Service govern services and expressly override any terms and conditions to the contrary in any customer documentation to People Locator Service, PEOPLE LOCATOR SERVICE (“PLS”) EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. LIABILITY FOR ANY PLS SERVICE SHALL NOT EXCEED THE APPLICABLE FEE PAID.

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REQUEST Searches without Social Security numbers will be assessed an additional fee. *Please note that if we are unable to locate someone, there is a minimum fee of $50.00
Fees subject to change without notice, are due when requesting services, and exclude trial and expert witness work. Pre-printed terms and conditions on the then current order request form of People Locator Service, L.L.C. (herein, “PLS”) govern its services. The form expressly overrides any terms and conditions to the contrary from any customer or in any customer documentation. PLS results entail using PLS confidential, proprietary, and trade secret information (“PLSCI”) which PLS solely owns. If PLS, in its sole discretion, discloses any PLSCI,customer hereby agrees to protect such PLSCI as customer would protect customer trade secrets, use it only for the order request form in which PLS discloses edit, and, directly or indirectly, for no other purpose. PEOPLE LOCATOR SERVICE, LLC (“PLS”) EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES,EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. LIABILITY, UNDER CONTRACT, TORT, OR OTHERWISE, FOR ANY PLS SERVICE SHALL NOT EXCEED THE APPLICABLE FEE PAID. The then current PLS order request form, which incorporates the then current PLS Services and Fees sheet (included in this document or available at peoplelocatorservice.com, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all, or all or written, prior and contemporaneous, agreements, understandings, and communications regarding the subject matter herein. This agreement may not be amended except by prior written amendment signed by the parties. By ordering you certify that you have read, comply and agree to the terms herein.


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