Maine.  It’s known as “The Way Life Should Be.”

Well, that wasn’t exactly true for the town of Cabot Cove,  in the t.v. show “Murder, She Wrote,” where mystery writer/amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher was constantly solving murders. 

Jessica, played by Angela Lansbury,  was one of America’s most popular fictional amateur detectives. The show ran from 1984-1996, and was hugely successful. Lansbury was nominated a dozen times for an Emmy (although she never won) and 10 times for a Golden Globe. (She won 4.)

Jessica’s appeal was that she was a genteel, retired English teacher with the ability to see the big picture and notice the smallest details. The sheriffs came to rely on her.  Cabot Cove was a neighborly place where people acted like they do in Mayberry.

Unlike Mayberry, however, it was a bit unbelievable that so many dead bodies turned up in this tiny town.  (That’s why they sent her off to NYC for a teaching gig in Season 8!)

We miss Jessica and the twists and turns of this entertaining show. It was a great way to test your own detective skills.

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