Colonel Mustard, with a lead pipe, in the library! Mrs. Peacock, with a candlestick, in the dining room!“Clue”, like Monopoly, is part of most of our childhoods. As Covid-19 keeps us indoors, it is fun to turn to these classic board games. As a P.I., I favor

“Clue.” It requires deductive reasoning. Also – it appeals to many ages, because, as you grow older you get better at taking notes, thus helping you eliminate suspects.

Yes, the game does have a dark side – it’s not Candyland, after all, as the point is to find out who “eliminated” who in what room and with what weapon. But it’s less gruesome than a Stephen King book or a movie on Netflix. It’s simply a chance to solve a mystery. Good news – you can play it on Zoom – and there is now an app for it.Just a check-in from People Locator Service, where we have a 96% success rate of finding people.

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