People often ask me what it is like to be a licensed Private Investigator.

They wonder if I spend hours slouched in a nondescript car peering at people through binoculars.

Well, NOPE, not so much. I can do most of my hunting with my laptop. That’s not to say that the laptop does all the work. Investigating requires  knowledge, patience and diligence. It also requires the ability to talk to people.  

Knowing where to look, what to look for and who and what to ask – these are critical skills. Only so much can be taught when it comes to observational skills. You have to have a feel for this work.

People sometimes mistakenly believe that P.I.’s are always on the lookout for “the bad guy.” That’s only true some of the time. Often I am looking for people who had no idea they were entitled to money. Just last month I tracked down two individuals who had money coming to them. Their lives are now changed.

I also volunteer my skills to help look for missing children, through a national organization. Over the past several years I have helped find six children. Best.days.ever.

I am Ticia Symonds. My company, People Locator Service, has a 96% success rate in locating people over the past 24 years. Call us at 855-562-8775 or