One of the most enjoyable aspects of locating people is finding people to inform them of a celebration.

Celebrations such as a class reunion or a family reunion.

Invariably, some people drift away over the years, and seemingly “disappear.” It can be a real challenge for reunion organizers to try to track down  “missing” people.  How does a person disappear? Often, inadvertently.  Women often change their names when they marry.  In fact, some people, men and women, change their names for personal reasons. Some people leave few “fingerprints”, as they may abstain from social media. Some people purposely go “off the grid.” Yet even those who may have decided to move to a yurt in the high desert are often moved to know that their classmates or family members are looking for them. As people get older, they seemed to embrace their tribe a bit more.

Not all of those who are “missing” want to be forgotten. I have reconnected hundreds of  folks with friends and family over the years. There also times when I have to deliver sad news to a client – that the person he is looking for is deceased. Yet this also brings some comfort to people. It provides answers, and hopefully, closure.

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