One of the tasks People Locator Service often handles is finding beneficiaries of life insurance policies. Often, people have NO IDEA that they are inheriting money. 

Many times, life insurance companies aren’t even aware that a policy holder has died. This is why it is important for policy holders to let someone else know about its existence, such as a lawyer, a financial adviser, or a reliable third party. Keep the policy information in a safe place; mention it in the will. Also, keep the addresses of your beneficiaries current.

BILLIONS of dollars every year go unclaimed from life insurance policies.

This has become such a huge issue, that, to date, 20 states have created legislation that require insurance companies to make a concerted effort to locate beneficiaries. This is where we step in, and help companies  track down the recipients.

If YOU are the owner of a life insurance policy, put things in place to make it easy for your beneficiaries. Otherwise, the money may end up in  “Unclaimed Funds.”

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