People Locator Services assists colleges and universities with tracking down people who have participated in projects such as clinical trials. Clinical trials are essential in the development of new medications.
When patients sign up for these studies, they usually agree to be contacted at a later date. The point of these studies is to see how people fare, often years later.
Not all participants update their information over the years, however. People move, marry, get new phone numbers and email addresses, and may even have passed away.
We are able to conduct real-time searches very affordably and quickly. In fact, thanks to the technology we use, we can conduct these searches faster than a university employee would using search engines such as Google or using online companies. We offer you a cost-effective way to locate participants.
People Locator Service has been finding people for over 23 years. We are fast and we are affordable. For more information, , or 855-562-8775.