If we have, it could be because we found you as a possible heir in a matter we are currently working on.  We – People Locator Service – are always working on cases where there are missing or unknown heirs. 

Who is People Locator Service?

People Locator Service, LLC is a nationwide people locator service that specializes in gathering information on unknown heirs for trust matters, insurance, real estate, mineral, gas and oil rights, and pensions due to retired employees. We conduct thorough searches in order to find the rightful heirs. We often find people who did not know they were heirs. We have located thousands of people over the past 23 years. People Locator Service, LLC is a licensed Private Investigation business.

Our people locator services are utilized by a range of companies, including  the banking-trust industry, fiduciaries, attorneys, employers looking for retired employees due pension benefits, and more. We find and verify beneficiary information. The following are typical questions asked in our cases. 

Why are you contacting me?

We have contacted you on behalf of our clients as we believe you may be a beneficiary in a case we are working on.

What should I do next?

Call us on the number provided on our website.

How did you get our telephone number or address?

The telephone number and/or address maybe the last known residence address for you as supplied by the company that has secured our services. Alternatively, we could have performed a  people search which involves searching different real time databases to find your address.

How much will I be charged for this?

You will NOT be charged for our services. The company that has appointed us will incur all the costs.

How much is my inheritance worth?

We do not have access to any financial information – we are therefore unable to discuss any financial aspects of this trust/case, etc.

The person you are searching for has died. What should I do?

We would appreciate you contacting us. There may be an entitlement to a relative’s trust or pension It is important that we obtain details of the next-of-kin to inform our client.