Two of the best T.V. characters EVER were Grissom on C.S.I. and Gibbs on NCIS.
No first name is needed. (Though fans know it was Gus and Jethro, respectively.)
What was compelling about both of these characters was how RIGHT they were when it came to solving a case.
And yet – they had seemingly opposite approaches. Grissom’s mantra was “Follow the evidence.” Gibbs, however, followed his gut.
So there you have it. The reality is, great investigative work is a combination of both.
When we collect information for our clients, our job is also to “read” the information. If something doesn’t “feel” right – we expand our search.You could actually argue that people who get “gut feelings” – or intuitions – are actually “following the evidence,” as something just isn’t adding up. This sort of intuition comes from years of experience. Looking for someone? People Locator Service has an outstanding results rate – 96 percent locating people. We have been finding people for over 23 years.  We locate the exact person whom you are looking for.
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