At this point, you have probably spent hours searching the Web, spent money using an online database, contacted every lead possible, or searched Facebook tirelessly to no avail.

Now you are considering getting professional help by hiring a private investigator.

One question that everyone asks is how much will it cost to find a person. The answer will vary depending on the particular scenario of your case, the information that you have, and several factors that could add complexity.

For example, having the full name of the person who you want to locate and his or her date of birth and last known address would be a helpful starting point. Do you have that information? If the person has a very common name, such as Tom Jones or Linda Carter, the process will take longer to eliminate a number of people with that name in the relevant search area.  Looking for someone who lives completely “off the grid” also is likely to require more investigative digging and be billed at an hourly rate, rather than be subject to the usual location of person fee below.

Here is a quick rundown on how we answer that question for our clients.

What Do We Do?

After obtaining all the information that you have on the person, we will conduct some initial minimal research to determine whether finding the person will be realistic.

What Will It Cost?

People Locator Service is the No. 1 People Locator Portland and Nationwide since 1996 with a 96% Success Rate!

We Locate:  

Retired, former, or deceased employees or beneficiaries of pension, profit-sharing, retirement, and health plans of public and private employers; trust and estate heirs; and witnesses to accidents.

Heir searches are billed at the hourly rate.

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